Fully on-chain, fully tokenised, MMO RTS/4x game, including permission-less contracts with a frontend client which mirrors the level of game experience of web2 games.

Project Details

Data Created:

June 1, 2019




Magia was another Hackathon project our company worked on. It is a fully on chain, NFT based MMORTS(Massively multiplayer online real time strategy game), where players can own land, harvest resources, fight enemies and conquer the Metaverse.

What we've done

1. Desktop, Tablet and Mobile application design & optimization

2. Mapping out the On-chain flows

3. Iterating on design and functionality to improve User Experience

4 Front and back end development

The goals of the Hackathon

— Create a useful product people will use, under a tight time constraint without sacrificing any attention to detail

— Design an application which works across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

— Receive the prize of funding